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Sep 17
Five Steps To Incorporate WordPress As An Integrated Management Solution CEO of DevriX, the “WordPress Retainers” agency. We help SMEs and digital publishers boost their monthly page views. getty Eighteen years since the inception of the popular content management system, I still hear contradictory opinions during sales calls or when attending networking events. The idea that “WordPress is a blogging platform, it's not suitable for […]

Sep 16
Two alternatives to Microsoft Word that are free and customizable Computers normally come stocked with rudimentary word processing and text editing software, such as WordPad and Notepad on Windows. But once you’re ready to go beyond the basics, you usually end up staring down a rather expensive add-on package like the near-ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite. If you don’t feel like spending money on software, […]

Sep 14
9 underrated responsibilities of an open source community manager Open source communities don’t just happen. They require work. Sometimes the technical interest in an open source project is enough to attract a group of people to get involved. However, after some time, things are going to get too big for those with a particular bent (documentation, coding, testing) to manage the interactions between […]

Feb 01
54 Years Trading At Chrisp Street Market

“The most enjoyable part of the job is the people you work with” – Carle Wootton Some of the contents of this article were first published by Luke Akton, can be found here. This is the end of an era for Carle Wootton and the staff at Steve's Best Sellers after 54 years of trading […]

Aug 06
Chrisp Street Market Regeneration Plans Passed By Tower Hamlets Council

The controversial regeneration plan for Chrisp Street Market was finally passed on July 24, 2018 with the aim of creating “a thriving town centre – keeping the best of what’s here while providing an improved retail offering; more homes, including more social and affordable; more services and amenities and a greater focus on our heritage.” […]

Mar 15
Gutsy, Organised Londoners Have Learned To Stop Gentrification In Its Tracks

Gutsy, organised Londoners have learned to stop gentrification in its tracks – here's how Local traders win the day at Chrisp Street Market. Shutterstock. Oli Mould, Royal Holloway Gentrification started as a concept in a small sub-section of urban studies in the 1960s and 1970s. Now, it’s a major issue touching the lives of people in […]