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Dec 13
7 tips for virtual mentorship in open source In open source, contributors collaborate across various projects, regions, and time zones. There are often untapped opportunities to create mentorship relationships through this distributed engagement. A mentorship is mutually beneficial to both the mentor and mentee when both parties are committed to the relationship's success. Both the mentor and mentee grow professionally in the […]

Oct 04
My favorite LibreOffice productivity tips LibreOffice is my productivity application of choice. It's one of the most potent reasons for recommending Linux distributions to educators and students, whether PK-12 or higher education. Now that the school year is upon us, I thought I would recommend some LibreOffice shortcuts and tips that might save you valuable time. Work faster with […]

Sep 16
Two alternatives to Microsoft Word that are free and customizable Computers normally come stocked with rudimentary word processing and text editing software, such as WordPad and Notepad on Windows. But once you’re ready to go beyond the basics, you usually end up staring down a rather expensive add-on package like the near-ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite. If you don’t feel like spending money on software, […]

Sep 14
9 underrated responsibilities of an open source community manager Open source communities don’t just happen. They require work. Sometimes the technical interest in an open source project is enough to attract a group of people to get involved. However, after some time, things are going to get too big for those with a particular bent (documentation, coding, testing) to manage the interactions between […]